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About the Author

Thanks for checking out my bio. While I know you came here to learn more about me, I treasure the experience of getting to know those who have read my work. So if you ever feel like dropping me a line to introduce yourself, make suggestions, or comments, there's information inside the book that shows you how to do so. I appreciate every comment and personally answer every question.

Outside of my own writing, I've worked with hundreds of writers, helping many achieve their dreams through editing their work and providing marketing guidance. I've taught creative writing and marketing for over thirty years via college classes, community classes, writing groups and personal classes.

On the cover of Confessions of a Sunday School Psychic is a picture of Blueberry, also known in the neighborhood as Rent-A-Cat. Pictures in my Author Pages also show my two dogs, Gizmo and Spirit, both rescue dogs. I couldn't get the chickens to stand still for photos.

While I hasten to assure you writers can write anywhere, I live in an ongoing restoration project, my 1917 home that overlooks the slow-moving bird and fish magnet known as the Columbia River. Creatures, both four and two-legged, wander onto my property. When I'm not entertaining them, I write.