Cover Image of Confession of a Sunday School Psychic by Linda Stirling

A Note From The Author

I've written eight books, but Confessions of a Sunday School Psychic is the first book where I've put my personal life up for inspection. Why? Because the message I wanted to share was bigger than any of my fears--so how could I not?

I thought long and hard about including elements like seeing entities swarming around. I thought no one will believe this, then I realized I had to be true to myself as much as I needed to be true to those reading my work. I compromised a bit by including the testimonials of others so that everything wasn't strictly from my perspective.

In the time since the book first came out, I've had so many letters from people who said a variation of "I thought I was the only one." If nothing else, I'm grateful that each of those individuals now knows they don't walk alone.